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RT's Lizzie Phelan visited a refugee camp in Bekaa Valley near the Syrian border, Wednesday, where around 1.5 million refugees are currently staying. One of the Syrian refugees, Abdullah Yassin fled Deir ez-Zor, which was under control of the Islamic State for almost a year. He said that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) and other armed mob are the main reason people fled to Lebanon. He added that it is not only IS, but also "this Jabhat al-Nusra they have been talking about or any other militia, they are all dangerous." Another who did not give his name said his life was getting too hard as a result of the conflict, leaving him no choice but to flee to the camp with his family. Most Syrians who fled wanted to wait-out the war in relative safety before returning home but temporary shelters are becoming more permanent as time passes. They have been able to survive with the help of various international organisations, including the UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR). While many turn towards Europe in a bid to start a new life far from the war, large numbers still hold out hope of making a return. The camp and those similar all have makeshift tents with numerous families including their children living in each. Most of them agreed on one thing, they can only return if the government regained control of their home towns. The refugee camps in Lebanon have been unattainable for many after the Lebanese government decided in May to prevent any more people fleeing into the country.


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