The Washington Post's Correction Problem

Six days ago, The Washington Post published an article headlined, "Prisoner in van thought Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself’." The article cited a police report which said that the 38-year-old prisoner who shared a police van with the now dead Baltimore native "told investigators that he could hear Gray 'banging against the walls' of the vehicle and believed that he 'was intentionally trying to injure himself.'" The following day, the prisoner in the van, who is actually 22-years-old, told local media outlets that he never said anything of the sort. And yet, one week later, the Post has made no changes to its article. It has not issued a correction. It has not added a parenthetical note regarding the disputed report. When asked last week about the discrepancies between the police report and the prisoner's claims, a Post spokesperson said only: "We accurately quoted from the police report, which was a search warrant affidavit written by a police investigator."