Jeb Bush Back Tracks on Baghdad, Again

After a week’s worth of stumbling statements about the Iraq war, in the minds of many Americans the signature failure of his brother’s presidency, Jeb Bush on Thursday shared a fourth opinion in as many days on the wisdom of the 2003 invasion.
Given knowledge of the puniness of Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs at the time, Bush said, “I would have not gone into Iraq.”
The former Florida governor insisted, however, that the war had made the world “significantly safer.”
The firm “no” on the question of informed invasion came after days in which Bush issued contradictory statements about the war.
On Monday he told an interviewer he would have invaded Iraq, even “knowing what we know now”.
On Tuesday he said he had “interpreted the question wrong” and also said he would not answer a “hypothetical” because it would be a “disservice” to members of the military.