Russia: Putin starts 'Direct Line' Q&A session, taking question about Russian roads

Funds designated for the construction and repairs of roads must be used for that purpose only, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the 14th annual ‘Direct Line’ Q&A session in Moscow on Thursday.
He added that currently funds are often relocated to what municipal authorities see as more important issues.
Putin is taking questions from Russian citizens from across the country. Those wishing to ask Putin a question have the opportunity to contact the president via Facebook and local social media networks, as well as by SMS and telephone. So far around 1.7 million questions have been submitted for Putin’s Direct Line 2016 Q&A.
Putin's ‘Direct Line’ has become a well-established tradition throughout the years of his presidency. The event generally focuses on domestic affairs, with Putin reporting on the government’s achievements while identifying existing issues. Putin’s answers also touch upon international issues affecting Russia.
The 13th edition of the event in 2015 lasted for three hours and 57 minutes, with the Russian president answering a record 74 questions out of the more than three million received.
The first phone-in line with President Putin took place in 2001 when he received some 400,000 questions.