Cop: Adrenaline Was 'Pumping' After Killing Walter Scott

Dash-cam video captured two conversations Officer Michael Slager had after he fatally shot Walter Scott — one in which he appeared to tell his wife "everything's OK" and one with a fellow cop in which he admitted his adrenaline was "pumping" and laughed nervously.
The officer cannot be seen on the video, but he can be heard answering a call from his wife about the confrontation with Scott following a traffic stop in North Charleston.
Slager is then heard talking to a senior officer, who explains he is likely to be stripped of his weapon and sent home for a few days before he will be questioned about the shooting.
Slager claimed Scott grabbed his Taser. A video captured by a bystander showed an apparently unarmed Scott running away from the officer, and Slager firing eight times at some distance.
After the release of the video, Officer Michael Slager was charged with murder.