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Argentine grandma achieves her tennis tournament dream at 85 years old

2 23.09.2019 Инфо

W/S 85-year old Ana Obarrio playing tennis, Umag, Croatia
M/S Ana playing
W/S Ana playing
M/S People watching Ana playing
SOT, Ana Obarrio, tennis player (Spanish): "I started playing tennis when I was 13 years old. I competed up to 18 years of age. Later I found a boyfriend and I got married. During these many years I have had many children, 10 children and I gave up playing tennis. After the death of my husband I returned to playing and competing all over the world in different senior competitions. What is my motivation? I really like playing tennis, it makes me happy, I feel so many emotions inside me. I feel that it's inside me. For this reason I am here, I am very happy, it allows me to meet other people, to have new relationships. All of this is part of my life and makes me feel a lot of happiness."
M/S Ana playing
SOT, Ana Obarrio, tennis player (Spanish): "I like to play freely. If I wanted to do it professionally, I should have another lifestyle, more training and discipline. I like to play freely and I feel very good. I like to play in this tournament. Really very free."
M/S Ana playing
SOT, Ana Obarrio, tennis player (Spanish): "My grandchildren don't play tennis with me. I don't want them to do it because they will surely win. They are very good in other kinds of sports. Right now one of them is participating in a marathon in Buenos Aires. I have a beautiful family and many grandchildren. I have 37 grandchildren. Professional? Never. This championship is wonderful, very well organised. Very nice, with people from all over the world. I've had friends for so long, because I've been participating for 10 years. It's beautiful."
M/S Ana playing
SOT, Ana Obarrio, tennis player (Spanish): "Well, I like Nadal for his play. The way he puts himself about in the tennis court. Federer is also good, has a different style, but I prefer Nadal, I like his game, he is very competitive. I am very competitive."
M/S People waiting for match
W/S People watching Ana playing from stands
W/S Ana playing
M/S People watching in stands
M/S Stadium flags
W/S Umag tennis stadium
Eighty-five-year old Argentine Ana Obarrio took part in an over 85s tennis tournament in Croatia on Sunday, as she continues to take part in competitions around the world following a long hiatus from the game she loves.
Ana had played tennis since she was 13, but stopped competing aged just 18 in order to raise a family of 10 children. Her love for tennis never faded though and saw her return to the court in her 60s after her husband died.
Playing helped the sporty grandma make new friends while taking part in many senior tournaments. "I'm very competitive," she stated, adding that playing makes her incredibly happy.
Ana's 37 grandchildren also make her proud, with some of them performing well in different sports, but she never plays tennis with them. "I don't want them to do it because they will surely win," she admitted with a smile.