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Germany: State prosecutor addresses press at refugee war crimes trial

0 20.10.2016 Инфо

A Syrian refugee, named in the media only as 'Suliman Al-S.', went to court in Stuttgart Correctional Facility, on Thursday, to face charges of war crimes he allegedly committed while in Syria.
State Prosecutor Dr Barthe said, "The peculiarity of trial presented here is that it is the first criminal trial in Germany that deals with a Syrian refugee due to an allegation of war crimes being committed."
Barthe explained why it was a German court that was handling the case, "The reason why a German Higher Regional Court is responsible for this case is due to the fact that war crimes are concerned with so-called 'International criminality', that means it does not depend on the nationality of either the culprit or the victim, it also does not depend on where the crime took place."
The accused is suspected of kidnapping a United Nations observer, Carl Campeau, in February 2013. Campeau, a lawyer from Canada, was held until October of that year until he managed to escape.
Suliman Al-S. was arrested on 17th January this year, while living in Stuttgart. He had his asylum application approved and had already begun taking German classes and working in the city at the time of the arrest.