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Hong Kong: Clashes erupt as demonstrations against extradition bill continue

0 22.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Police launching tear gas at protesters, Hong Kong
M/S Protesters running away from tear gas
W/S Police officers marching
M/S Protesters holding umbrellas
C/U Protesters
W/S Protesters marching
W/S Protesters marching
C/U Protester writing on street
W/S Protesters marching holding umbrellas and carrying fences
W/S Police officers
M/S Writing on wall reading (Cantonese) 'Reclaim Hong Kong, New era’s revolution'
C/U Protester writing on wall
C/U Protesters holding umbrellas
M/S Sprayed painted plaque of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government
C/U Sprayed painted Chinese Government logo
W/S Police officers
C/U Protesters wearing yellow helmets
W/S Deployed police officers waiting for protesters
M/S Deployed police officers
W/S Protesters marching
Demonstrations turned violent in Hong Kong on Sunday, as thousands took to the streets to protest against the now-suspended extradition bill and demanded the resignation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam.
Police officers could be seen firing tear gas against the demonstrators, who were seen wearing helmets and carrying umbrellas in order to shield themselves from it.
After joining a police-approved route, thousands of protesters passed the official end point of the demonstration and headed towards the financial district, where Chinese Government buildings were sprayed painted.
Despite the indefinite suspension of the extradition bill, protesters continue to demand the full withdrawal of the law and the resignation of Carrie Lam.