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UK: 'Teach climate truth' - Extinction Rebellion targets Department of Education

0 21.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Department of Education, London, sign gratified: "Teach climate truth"
W/S Activists beneath vandalised sign
SOT, Extinction Rebellion activist: "The three of us have just sprayed 'tell climate truth,' on the Department for Education, because, at the moment, I'm a geography teacher and it's barely in my curriculum. In my work with science teachers, it's barely in their curriculum. We are not meeting the Paris Agreement, article 12, which states we need to improve our training and education for young people and adults on climate change."
W/S Activists standing and sitting *UPSOUND* "...Have the capacity within our education system to bring about this really beautifully creative capacity..."
SOT, Extinction Rebellion activist: "We're not teaching about the famine, the draught... everything which is coming to follow"
W/S Extinction Rebellion activists blocking road leading to Department or Education and the Home Office
W/S Police
W/S Banners and crowd blocking street
M/S Activist with 'teach climate truth' around his neck
SOT, Extinction Rebellion activist: "We need to be securing a bright future for our students, that's why we went into teaching, and actually, what climate change does, is it causes a situation that bright future ahead of our students is severely threatened."
M/S Crowd
C/U Placard on side of government buildings: "We demand an education that teaches the reality of climate and ecological breakdown"
M/S First aider looks over crowd
W/S Police huddle in distance
M/S Activists pack away protest materials
M/S Activists roll up sign
Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists continued their actions in London, on Monday. Activists stenciled "teach climate truth," onto the Department of Education building, in Westminster.
Teachers took part in the protest that coincided with half term, including one geography teacher who said the topic of climate change was "barely in my curriculum." They demand that the curriculum should teach how to achieve net zero emissions by 2025, as well as a complete stop to biodiversity loss.
Police presence was minimal and the activists, in agreement with the police, cleared the road after their action was complete.