Сладка коала си играе в зоологическата градина в Сан Диего

A nine-month-old koala joey was frolicking for the camera at San Diego Zoo on Friday. The male, who is yet to be named, underwent a routine weighing. To comfort the bear a toy koala was placed on the scales so he could hold onto it during while he was weighed. The weekly check-up is important so zoo keepers can make sure the joey is growing as he should. The joey's mother Cambee, stayed nearby watching the proceedings attentively. As soon as it was finished the joey was back on his mother's back quickly resuming his daily routine, which mostly consists of sleeping. Senior San Diego zoo keeper, Jennifer Roesler, spoke of the zoo's "successful breading" programme for koala bears, which has led to the birth of "over 130 koalas" in previous years. Video courtesy of: San Diego Zoo