Nik Wallenda Walks Across 400-Foot-Tall Wheel in Orlando

Daredevil Nik Wallenda got up to his old tricks on Wednesday when he walked across a 400-foot-tall wheel in Orlando, FL, with no support. The seventh-generation aerialist set a world record as he kept his balance while making his way across the rotating eye in wet and windy conditions. The incredible stunt was broadcast on the Today show, and host Matt Lauer pointed out beforehand, "Nik is going to set a record if he does this — not break one, because no one has been crazy enough to do this before." The risky walk was also a first for Nik, as he admitted that he has never attempted to walk on a moving platform of this size before. Wallenda said on the Today Show, "This is a very unique walk for me because I've never walked on any observation wheel, let alone one that's moving that I have to keep up with."