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Bolivia: Police break up rally opposing interim government

2 22.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters marching, La Paz
W/S March following vehicles transporting coffins
M/S Protesters marching with flags and banners
W/S Protesters marching
M/S Protesters turning coffin
W/S Protesters bearing coffin
W/S Protesters shouting at riot police
M/S Protesters shouting at police
M/S Protester placing scarecrow on police armoured vehicle
W/S Procession with coffin marching passed
M/S Indigenous woman crying
W/S Police firing tear gas
M/S Protester waving Bolivian flag
W/S Tear gas and riot police
M/S Protesters mourning victims of protest last Tuesday
W/S Protesters surrounding coffins
W/S Riot police clearing street
W/S Protesters bearing coffin
W/S Police firing tear gas
W/S Tear gas
Police fired tear gas to disperse the massive rally against the interim government in La Paz on Thursday.
The protesters, mainly from the Aymara indigenous group, marched to La Paz from a neighbouring El Alto. They carried coffins of those who died during a military and police operation carried out at the Senkata hydrocarbon plant on Tuesday.
When some of the activists tried to place coffins on riot police's armoured cars to cries of 'murderers', officers responded with tear gas to try and clear the central San Francisco square.
The protests in El Alto, largely in support of ex-president Evo Morales, have intensified in recent days. At least 31 people have been killed in political unrest since the disputed presidential election on October 20, according to the Bolivian Ombudsman's Office