Spain: Thousands evacuated from Javea as fire rips through Costa Blanca

Thousands of people, including tourists, have been evacuated from the town of Javea as a bushfire continues to rage through the area.
Twenty homes are said to have been destroyed and tourists and residents have been evacuated to nearby hostels and schools. Seaplanes have also been deployed to drop water on the fire and were seen in action on Monday alongside water-bearing helicopters.
Jose Maria Angel, Director of the Security and Emergency Agency of the Valencian government, explained the efforts that were being made to extinguish the fire: “We have more than 20 aircraft that drop water over the fire every four minutes, and we have more than 200 people from different departments who are working to extinguish the fire. The situation is hard and complex, but we hope that during the evening and night it will develop well.”
Local emergency authorities said that three fires were started deliberately on Sunday night and a group of teenagers has reportedly been arrested in connection with the accusations.