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Russian Defence Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov gave a statement from the Ministry of Defence in Moscow, Sunday, where he confirmed that the Russian Air Force destroyed the field headquarters of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) near Salma in the latest round of airstrikes on militant positions in Syria. "Su-24M planes destroyed the field headquarters of ISIS near Salma's locality, which coordinated the actions of the militants in the Latakia Governorate. As a result of a direct hit of a glide bomb KAB-500, the building, in which the leaders of terrorists were sheltering, was completely destroyed," Konashenkov stated, adding that five terrain vehicles equipped with ZU-23 anti-aircraft autocannons located near the target were also destroyed. Following the attack Konashenkov said that Russian intel intercepted communications from the IS field commanders to higher command requesting urgent supplies and ammunition. "[We] recorded the claims of field commanders to higher headquarters for urgent replenishment of reserves of ammunition and weapons, destroyed by Russian aviation and about redeployment of reinforcement from the Raqqa Governorate to hold their positions," the defence ministry spokesperson said. Russia began conducting airstrikes against IS positions in Syria on September 30, after Syrian Government officially requested Russian aid.


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