Cupertino Cancels Fireworks Display Because of Bizarre Drought Problem

The city of Cupertino won't be having a fireworks show on July 4 because of California's drought.
In an odd twist of fate, the reason is because the Silicon Valley suburb was trying to be extra conscious of saving water.
The problem Cupertino faces regards the grass field where the show would take place.
The turf is synthetic and must be watered down so that the fireworks do not melt the grass-substitute.
City spokesman Rick Kitson said, “people are very disappointed...who doesn’t love fireworks? But overall, I think they get it.”
And though no agency formally tracks fireworks cancellations related to drought, Cupertino – home to Apple Inc. headquarters – could be the first city in California to squash such a pyrotechnics display as the state enters its fourth year of drought.