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Бежанците се опитват да пробият граничните ограждения

3 411 11.04.2016 Инфо

A group of refugees tried to break through a barricade of police buses by using a train carriage they had commandeered at Idomeni train station, Monday. After a stand-offf with the Greek police, the protesters agreed to move the train carriage back to its original position.
Around 200 people then gathered in front of fences on the Greek-Macedonian border and threw empty tear gas canisters as well as olive branches, symbolically calling for peace. They also chanted "thank you Macedonia."
One of the protesters recounted how the border police had gotten violent on Sunday, deploying "tear gas, rubber bullets, 5 calibre." The refugee also said that border police took 10 of his friends, "beat them up, they even broke some bones."
After clashes on Sunday the situation has deescalated in the makeshift Idomeni camp.