Nigel Farage Says He Shares Concerns With Donald Trump

Nigel Farage has said that he shares concerns about an out-of-touch political class with the controversial Republican Donald Trump, during a speech in the US in which the Ukip leader also warned about the security risk posed by immigrants.
Farage made the comments at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative thinkthink in Washington DC, where he was asked whether he accepted the idea of himself as a “British Donald Trump”.
“In terms of Donald Trump, I would avoid any comparison but I like to think of myself as the updated Henry VIII,” he said.
But he then added: “I do think some of the things he’s picked up on in the last few weeks are very similar to the kind of things we’ve picked up on in British politics – the feeling that there is a centralised bureaucracy in Washington, maybe not connecting with some of the concerns of ordinary people.”