Obama Administration Fighting Release of Hunger Striker

In an editorial published Wednesday, the New York Times editorial board criticized the Obama administration for saying it will oppose the release of Tariq Ba Odah, a long-term hunger striker who's been held at Guantanamo Bay for more than 13 years, despite never being charged with a crime. Last month Rolling Stone published an article in which Ba Odah's lawyer, Omar Farah, described the human rights nightmare the 36-year-old prisoner has experienced since arriving at Guantanamo, and the precarious state of Ba Odah's health. The editorial says, "Senselessly, the Department of Justice has said it will fight a petition to release the prisoner, according to Mr. Ba Odah’s lawyer. If he were to die in custody, Mr. Ba Odah would become the first inmate at Guantánamo Bay to die from malnutrition. That would be a shameful outcome that Mr. Obama can easily prevent."