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Syrian Army tanks advanced through the north of the Latakia Governorate on Monday with the help of Russian air support. According to Syrian state media, Russian airstrikes destroyed 25 militant positions in the Latakia region on Monday alone. Earlier on Monday, Syrian Army spokesperson Ali Muaeeb said that the ground forces of the army had made significant gains in the fight against the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) and other militant groups in the country during a press conference from Damascus. "Formations of our armed forces continue their military operations against the armed terrorist organisations. With the help of different units on the ground, under an intensified cover from the air forces, tanks and rockets, our forces have been able to make important gains on various levels in the northern rural area of Hama," Muaeeb stated, adding that "we have been able to confiscate a big amount of ammunition and weaponry which were in the hands of terrorists, in the northern rural area of Latakia."


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