HMS Bulwark Takes Migrants to Italy

Royal Navy warship HMS Bulwark has arrived in an Italian port, carrying 1,200 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea.
The ship docked at Catania, in Sicily, where the migrants will be handed over to the Italian authorities.
Bulwark, which has been on a search and rescue mission in the area for the past month, rescued the migrants on Sunday.
The UK government dispatched the ship amid a rise in the number of people dying while trying to reach Europe.
BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale, who was on board Bulwark during the latest rescue, said a small, wooden vessel had been packed with about 400 people.
There also had been two rubber dinghies, each carrying about 100 people.
Beale said "The fact that many didn't even have life jackets was another reminder that the gangs who trafficked them had little regard for their lives,".
Last week, Bulwark rescued 747 people from boats off Libya's coast.
The 19,000-tonne assault ship is one of numerous European vessels on rescue patrol in the Mediterranean.