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Russia: Age no obstacle to love. Ancient skeletons found holding hands

6 09.09.2016 Инфо

Skeletons from the 10th century BC were discovered holding hands near the Olkhon region in south east Russia, footage released on Friday shows.
The pair was found in a grave not far from Lake Baikal, presumably holding hands in a show of affection over 3,000 years ago.
According to Dmitry Kichigin, senior lecturer at the Irkutsk National Research Technical University, the remains were “found in an anatomic order in the burial. One of them presumably belongs to a man and remained almost intact.”
The heads of the couple were turned westwards, which might have been the tradition of a tribe to which they belonged. Kichigin said that the man's skeleton had “white jade rings found on his chest and the smallest one over his eye socket” – a symbol which may be connected with the afterlife.
Samples of the bone tissue were sent to the specialists in Canada and Sweden for radiocarbon analysis and further examination. According to specialists of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University, the Olkhon region is rich with ancient burials. Most of the findings belong to the Neolithic culture.