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Austria: Over 6,000 refugees cross into Nickelsdorf from Hungary

9 13.10.2015 Инфо

Over 6,000 refugees crossed the Hungarian border to the Austrian town of Nickelsdorf on Tuesday, in what has been one of the coldest nights in the region so far this year. Setting off from the Hungarian village of Hegyeshalom, the refugees embarked on a 8km (5 mile) journey across the border to Austria. The refugees were greeted by volunteers from the Austrian Red Cross who set up heated tents and offered tea and milk to the new arrivals. On Sunday over 8,500 people entered Austria through the Hungarian crossing point, which was followed by another 3,700 overnight. According to Austrian police, the spike in numbers comes after a recent rise in refugees entering Macedonia from Greece, who then make their way towards Austria via Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary.