The Craziest Disappearing Roads to Explore on Earth!

There's nothing quite like a relaxing drive down a country road and the foreign sun shining but then to find yourself on a road that suddenly disappears.
These wild roads around the world will get your adrenaline pumping, or at least give you a view like no other.
For starters, check out the Dakhla Oasis in Egypt. Just vast lands with your trademark Egyptian camels and a danger 'lethal chemical signs' will always get the adrenaline going.
Or in case sand isn't your thing, you can ride through France's Passage du Gois this 2.7-mile-long causeway is passable for only a few hours a day. The rest of the time, it is submerged in the Atlantic by incoming tides.
Of course there's more, but those are just two ends of a coin that's got a mirage in all the nooks and crannies on this planet!