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Palestinian scarf maker Izzat Hirbawi decried the competition from Chinese manufacturers which is driving him out of business in Hebron, Tuesday. Hirbawi said that the production of the scarf, known as a keffiyeh, was his only source of income and if his factory closed down life would become "very difficult." Keffiyeh trader Jamal Maraga denounced the Chinese manufacturers who are trying to "destroy" business with poor quality scarfs. The keffiyeh market has been encroached upon by Chinese and Indian manufacturers who have the means to produce and sell the items at a much lower price. The change in the market is forcing the Palestinian traders to drop their prices by up to a third or face the prospect of closure. In response the Palestinian manufactures have upped the quality of their products, attaching "made in Palestine labels" to denote the superior materials used in the keffiyehs' production. The scarf was made popular by late Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat, who was ubiquitously pictured wearing the scarf. The keffiyeh was adopted across the world as a sign of sympathy with the Palestinian cause for statehood. In recent years is has also been worn simply as a fashion accessory.


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