UK: Flashmob demands that PM Cameron confronts 'artful tax dodgers'

Activists of the 38 Degrees movement staged a flashmob picketing British Prime Minister David Cameron and 'artful tax dodgers' outside the Lancaster House in London, Thursday, where the opening day of the London Anti-Corruption Summit 2016 was hosted by Cameron himself. The flash-mobbers performed a tune from the musical Oliver Twist called 'You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two'.
Maddie Carroll of the 38 Degrees movement said that the UK is in a perfect position to take legal action as "two thirds of the world's tax havens are UK overseas territory," also adding that the activists gathered to call on Cameron to close these tax havens. "David Cameron has got some warm words about wanting to be at the forefront, leading world leaders to challenge this. We think he needs to really step up to the plate," said Carroll.
Carroll also stated that the aim of the flashmob was to draw attention to the 'artful tax dodgers' who are "pick-pocketing the UK to the tune of seven billion pounds a year."
The international anti-corruption summit is taking place a few weeks after the release of the Panama Papers 3 by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and various news organisations.
The Panama Papers include a large amount of data exposing widespread international corruption. The data provided in the leak centres around the activities of Mossack Fonseca over a period from the 1970s until spring 2016. There is believed to be an estimated 11.5 million documents in the Panama Papers, making it the largest leak of its kind. The information provided in the leak purportedly exposes the offshore holdings of 12 current and former world leaders as well as unveiling data on the financial activities of 128 other politicians and public officials from a number of countries.