Panama: Maduro visits 1989 US invasion monument during Summit of the Americas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro paid a visit to the El Chorrillo district of Panama City, Friday, to pay his respects to those who lost their lives during the 1989 US invasion of the country. His visit coincides with the city holding the 2015 Summit of the Americas. Maduro addressed the crowd during a ceremony honouring those killed during the invasion, saying that "Simon Bolivar dreamt to build from Panama the axis that would accomplish the perfect balance of the world without empires, without imperialism." He also added that he hopes that "after the Summit of the Americas the countries of Latin America will be closer and stronger." One person who was there to see Maduro visit the memorial and speak said that she now feels that the country's voice is now being heard a due to the support from "brotherly countries like Venezuela." The El Chorrillo district, which was originally populated by immigrants that worked on the construction of the Panama Canal, was destroyed by the US military invasion in 1989, killing thousands of Panamanians. The seventh Summit of the Americas began on Friday and runs until Saturday April 11.