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Spain: Giant TURD in Torrelodones raises awareness about pet fouling

7 27.05.2016 Инфо

A massive, 3-metre inflatable excrement was set up in front of a school by local residents in Torrelodones near Madrid on Friday.
The giant rubber faeces were set up as part of a campaign to raise local dog owners' awareness to pick up their pets' excrement in public places.
The Town Councillor of Urban Maintenance and New Technologies of Torrelodones Hernando Martin said the dog poop on the streets is a big issue for the municipality and that the campaign will continue on Saturday at the town's square followed by Sunday's exhibition at the town's mall. Martin also announced that the dropping will be placed in front of several other schools during the rest of May and in the month of June.
Carlos, a local resident, said that the campaign's location in front of a school is a good one as "the children are partakers of pets, you have to make them aware from a young age that they must manage with pet residue."