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France: Last unregistered refugees bused away from Calais camp

48 28.10.2016 Инфо

French authorities organised additional buses to take the last unregistered refugees, including several minors, away from Calais on Friday for relocation across France.
After a last night at the 'Jungle' camp's school, French authorities decide to bus the remaining refugees and migrants, after the other refugees and migrants had left earlier before the camp's demolition.
Fires continued to rage at the camp in Calais on Friday morning. Fire-fighters have had to tackle several blazes since authorities began demolishing the camp five days ago. Demolition work also continued throughout the day in the camp involving diggers and other heavy machinery.
Around 10,000 refugees and migrants used to live in the camp, in the hope they would eventually make their way from Calais to the UK. However the British government so far has only accepted has 274 children out of the thousands of hopeful refugees. Nonetheless, the French government started to dismantle the camp without the necessary alternative accommodation for 10,000 refugees being available, leaving hundreds of people, including minors, without shelter.
Former Jungle inhabitants are supposed to get relocated to some 300 different sites across France, but according to campaigners many ended up sleeping rough for the second night in a row.