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Ecuador: Venezuelans rush to enter country before new visa rules implemented

0 25.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Venezuelans in line for Ecuadorian immigration control
M/S Police officers moving barrier
M/S Family carrying bags over border bridge
W/S People waiting at border behind fence
SOT, Rodrigo Bolanos, Health Ministry regional director (Spanish): "The Health Ministry, taking care of Ecuadorians and Latin Americans well-being vaccinates the children, currently we vaccinate 600 kids each day, so that we look after children's health and also the rest of the population."
W/S Woman takes care of tent she made with plastic sheets for her family
M/S Woman securing plastic sheeting with stones
M/S Woman looking under plastic sheet
W/S Woman sweeping next to child
W/S Traffic on road with sign above reading (Spanish): "Welcome to Ecuador"
Thousands of Venezuelans in Colombia were rushing to cross over the Rumichaca Bridge into Ecuador on Saturday, after the Ecuadorian government announced earlier in the month that new visa rules would be implemented.
Since Ecuador announced that only Venezuelans with passports and who have purchased a visa would be allowed into the country from Monday, roughly 4,500 Venezuelans a day have reportedly been crossing the border bridge.
The regional director of Ecuador's Health Ministry, Rodrigo Bolanos, commented that his ministry was vaccinating "600 kids each day."
Most Venezuelan migrants don't have official documentation so the new rule changes would effectively block the vast majority of them from getting into Ecuador.
According to the United Nations, around 4 million Venezuelans have left their country due to the economic and political crisis in recent years, with around 1.4 million of them ending up in Colombia.
The move by Ecuador to make it harder for Venezuelans to enter mirrors similar steps taken by other Latin American governments including Chile and Peru.