Spain: Independent Catalonia 'not legally possible' - PM Rajoy

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave a statement in Madrid, Monday regarding the results of the regional elections in Catalonia, interpreting them as a rejection of independence and called on the Catalonian government to address plurality of opinions. "Once again Catalonia has proven its plural policy and we can welcome and congratulate Catalonia citizens for the high participation in this committee," he said. To make his point, Rajoy mentioned that the pro-independence accounted for "four out of ten Catalans who have opted for a 'breakaway' programme, this is the reality of the facts." The coalition, which presented its candidacy with the promise of pursuing independence from Spain within the next 18 months after a potential electoral victory, obtained 62 seats at the Catalan Parliament and remained six seats far from the absolute majority. However, another pro-independence party - Candidacy of Popular Unit (CUP) - obtained 10 seats and will presumably meet an agreement with the coalition to enable governance. Participation was the highest ever in Catalan elections with more than 77 percent of voters casting their ballots.