Венецуела: Тежко въоръжени сили на сигурността патрулират Каракас след атаките над полицията

A massive security presence could be seen in Caracas, Monday, after the Venezuelan National Police (PNB) and the Venezuelan National Guard (GNB) completed large-scale raids against gangs in the Cota 905 neighbourhood in which at least 14 suspects were killed, one left wounded, and 134 others detained. According to Interior Minister Gustavo Gonzalez, the PNB and GNB dismantled seven gangs, believed to be linked to paramilitary groups, during the operation, known as Operation Liberation of the People (OLP). Tensions remain high in the Cota 905 neighbourhood, however Gonzalez confirmed that the operation had been completed. Over 2,500 heavily armed security personnel, as well as APCs, surveillance helicopters and tanks were deployed for the operation.