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Brazil: Researchers developing vaccine to block effects of cocaine

2 23.09.2016 Инфо

Brazilian researchers presented a new vaccine at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), in Belo Horizonte, on Friday, which is able to block the effects of cocaine. Their intention in developing the vaccine is to decrease a cocaine user's interest in the drug.
Researchers have been working on this vaccine for several years and it is now in the first animal testing phase. Depending on the success of these first tests, investment will be sped up to reach the final stage, of testing the vaccine on humans.
Frederico Garcia, a researcher at UFMG, explained his hopes for the vaccine, "For us, any alternative therapy is an advantage. We try to help the patient and the families of those who suffer this problem. I think that offering the vaccine as well as other treatments can change people’s lives."
Brazilians consume cocaine at a four times greater rate than the global average.