Italy: 'We can trust Putin' - Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister (Italian): "Yes. I'll answer like a tweet; yes we can, because it's obvious that in the international community no one can think to build their identity against their biggest neighbor, building a European identity against Russia, it's absurd." Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said 'it's absurd to build a European identity against Russia,' during an interview with La Stampa editor Mario Calabresi in Rome on Tuesday, adding that the EU can trust Russian President Vladimir Putin. When Renzi was asked by the editor of Italian daily his opinion on La Stampa's headline 'Putin; Can we trust this Man?', the Italian leader replied "Yes we can." He went on to encourage cooperation with Moscow, stating Putin has "the right to sit-in the international community, Russia is fundamental to the situation in Syria, in Egypt and in Iran." Renzi met with Putin during the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Antalya on Monday. During a joint press conference which followed the meeting, Putin said that relations between the two countries are continuing to develop in a positive direction, stating that this is the case "despite all the difficulties we face in the political sphere, in the sphere of security and the economy." Monday's meeting was the third between the two leaders since the beginning of 2015.