USA: 4 arrested at protest against police killings in El Cajon, California

At least four protesters were arrested during a demonstration in El Cajon, Friday, after around 75 protesters blocked an intersection in protest against the police killing of 38-year-old Alfred Olango.
Protesters blocked roads and allegedly smashed the windows of some vehicles, with police claims that protesters threw bottles and bricks at officers and threw a motorcyclist off his bike. After refusing to disperse, violence was escalated after officers fired pepper spray at the protesters.
Protesters demanded that police release the full video of Olango's shooting after only a screenshot was released allegedly showing Olango pointing an e-cigarette at the officers.
Olango, who arrived to the US as a refugee from Uganda, was fatally shot by police in El Cajon on Tuesday afternoon after he pulled an e-cigarette smoking device from his pocket, which police officers claim they mistook for a gun.
Credit: @D4VIDHernandez