Majestic - Only A Dream [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: The Unbeatables
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer & Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



I look in the mirror,
And all I see,
Is a young old man,
With only a dream…

[Verse 1]

I’m only 9 years old,
I can be what I wish, it’s what I’m told,
So as a kid I wanted to grow up and be an inventor,
Like Da Vinci, but I had my father as a mentor,
He told me to be more realistic,
Looking at my grades, not so great, but I kept it optimistic,
See it’s not that I was dumb,
Just as lazy as they come,
Now that’s a quote by my mom...
How the fuck could I give up? I’m Bulgarian,
That’s like being calm, and being barbarian,
The fuck did I know, I was only a kid,
Wild imagination, screwing up is all I did,
I didn’t know what made this world turn,
Only because I had yet to learn,
So since then, in order to get nearer,
I sit down and…

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2]

Looking at myself 10 years later,
Still no change, what’s greater?
Gave up one dream, for another,
Not alone on this one, I share it with my brother,
From another mother,
I wanna be an actor,
Got the talent, but no connections, so that’s a factor,
Submitted myself for an audition, filled out the registration,
It felt like an exam…
Under the pressure, nervous but curious,
In the end – turned out to be a scam,
Now what do I do? I keep dreaming?
Sick and tired of reality – my fucking head is screaming!
I shut it all inside and fall to my knees,
Hands at ease,
Wondering if there is a god,
Fuck it all I don’t need no help, yes I’m odd.

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]

Now I wonder what could my future hold,
Nervously I patiently wait, as I let it unfold.
Meanwhile, millionaires arising, today another story was told,
I realize I gotta get mine, gotta risk it all and be bold,
Been a failure so far, but it’s all fine,
Every day is a new beginning,
Easy to say but in this life, I’m never winning...
So I wrote this song, so when I grow up,
I can listen to it and be like YUP,
Yea I achieved me an ambition, hopefully,
Will have a wife and be happy, mutually,
But even more importantly,
As my last breath gets nearer,
I’ll be happy to leave this world something, a change or a child, we’ll see, but until then…

[Chorus 2X]