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Columbia: Protesters march against rejection of FARC peace deal

5 06.10.2016 Инфо

Thousands gathered for the student-organised "March for Peace" demonstration on the streets of Bogota Wednesday evening, calling on the political establishment to continue talks with the left-wing group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The march was organised following a narrow rejection of the latest peace deal with FARC in a nation-wide referendum on Sunday.
Many participants walked in silence, holding candles whilst others chanted and lit small fires, waving white flags and handkerchiefs. Some held photos of loved ones among the 220,000 killed in the civil conflict spanning over half a century.
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos had committed to reaching a deal with the Marxist-Leninist FARC before his 2010 election victory and on September 27, after 52-years of bloody conflict, a 297-page agreement was signed by Santos and FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez (also known as Timochenko), the result of almost four years of negotiations.
Although Colombian voters rejected the peace deal by 50.24 percent, the referendum had a low turnout, at less than 40 percent. The European Union has since announced its decision to withhold development funding, nearly €600m ($672m), for the country following the rejection of a government-backed peace deal.