Sharpshooter Splits Two Cards With Two Bullets From One Gun

Sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss believes she may have accomplished something no other marksman has done.
Firing a double-barreled 1911 handgun, Weiss split two playing cards with one pull of the trigger.
Weiss told TheBlaze this was the first time she had handled this particular firearm.
After firing a few rounds with the 1911 to familiarize herself with the gun, Weiss decided to try a trick shot.
She believes this to be the first trick shot ever with the double-barrel 1911.
Weiss mounted the two cards side by side and started recording, showing her missed shots as well as her successes.
The first shot was close, and the second hit one of the cards, but did not split them.
However, on the third attempt, Kirsten Joy Weiss nailed trick, splitting two aces, with two bullets, from one pull of the trigger.