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Tunisia: Presidential candidate Kais Saied casts vote in Tunis

1 13.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Tunisian Presidential candidate Kais Saied getting out of car, Tunis
W/S Saied walking among reporters
M/S Saied greeting people
SOT, Kais Saied, Tunisian Presidential candidate (Arabic): "The people will fulfill their will with full respect for the law. They can only control their conscience in the vote. You, the great people of Tunisia all over the world, you are called today to create a new history for Tunisia." LOOSE TRANSLATION*
M/S Saied heading to vote
M/S Saied having his fingers marked with ink
M/S Saied about to vote
M/S Saied casting ballot
W/S Saied about to get into car
Tunisian presidential candidate Kais Said cast his vote in the country's capital city of Tunis on Sunday, as presidential elections got underway.
Footage shows jurist and constitutional law professor Said heading to vote, as he greeted supporters and talked to the press.
Opinion polls have been banned but the outcome is likely to be similar to that of September's presidential election, which saw newcomers Kais Saied and Nabil Karoui respectively claim 18.4 and 15.6 percent of the votes.
Sunday's vote is the second of its kind since the 2014 adoption of the Tunisian constitution following the overthrow of former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. Ben Ali died in Saudi Arabia in September.