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Chile: Police use water cannons and tear gas on large crowds

4 22.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Police use water cannon on protesters in Santiago
M/S Water cannon
W/S Protesters flee water cannon
M/S Protesters attempt to block water cannon truck
W/S Protesters throw rocks at water cannon truck
W/S Multiple water cannons on large crowd and tear gas
Police deployed multiple water cannon vehicles to disperse protesters in the Chilean capital of Santiago on Tuesday, after weekend of civil unrest, which left at least twelve dead and led Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to declare "we are at war."
Footage shows police forces using water cannon trucks and tear gas on large crowds, and demonstrators hurling rocks at the trucks and trying to block them.
The current wave of demonstrations, which is considered to be the worst in decades, was sparked by a now-suspended metro fare hike. The demonstrations have since evolved into a movement with wider grievances aimed at addressing the rising cost of living, pension reform and police conduct during demonstrations.