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The wife of a senior Israeli minister sparked outrage on Sunday by posting a racist joke about President Barack Obama on Twitter.
Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, a well known face on Israeli TV and the wife of the country’s interior minister Silvan Shalom, quickly deleted the offending tweet – but it was too late to avoid mounting criticism.
The post that set off a wave of international public anger was short and to the point.
Mozes tweeted in English “Do you know what Obama coffee is? Black and weak”,
Thus opened the Twitter-feed flood gates of anger and criticism from almost anywhere with at least a dial-up modem.
The Minister's wife soon deleted the tweet, soon posting her apologies.
But after another hodge-podge of Tweets, Mozes finally addressed one to “President Obama” and referred to her joke as inappropriate, saying she liked people about their race or religion.”


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