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Greece: Tsipras calls for national unity after crunch referendum

19 02.07.2015 Инфо

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called on the Greek people to remain unified and assist his government's efforts to find a viable solution to the country's debt crisis whatever the result of Sunday's referendum. He made the comments at a press conference at the Ministry of Defence in Athens, Thursday. The Greek people will hold a referendum on July 5 to decide whether to accept the austerity measures requested by the so-called "troika" (IMF, ECB, EC). The Greek government closed the country's banks on Monday, as well as imposing limits on cash withdrawals until July 6. A 'No' vote by the Greek people would reject new austerity measures that are demanded by Greece's creditors, while a 'Yes' would accept the institutions' conditions for a new Greek bailout package.