The Muppet Show Reboot in the Works at ABC

Here's what we know about the project, which hails from ABC Studios: The Muppets hit up ABC Studios for a meeting about reviving The Muppet Show, but the project is stalled.
The caveat: Miss Piggy needs to sign on for the show.
The original Muppet Show aired from 1976-1981. The lovable Kermit, Gonzo, Animal and the rest of the gang got another live-action TV series with Muppets Tonight. It lasted two seasons on ABC from 1996-1998. Of course TV viewers are no strangers to the Muppets who have had animated series, TV specials and several big screen adventures.
The Muppet Show is just the latest TV property getting dusted off for another go. The X-Files, Coach and Twin Peaks are all set to return. Netflix revived Inspector Gadget and a Full House reboot is in the works.