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Former US Air Force drone operator Brandon Bryant received 'Whistleblower Award' in Karlsruhe on Friday, after his leak on the Ramstein Airbase's alleged role in the US drone war. Speaking to the media, Bryant said that drone operators "are given the order to kill" by their superiors, who "don't care who gets killed as long as the target gets attacked." He went to state that that the US "will take out however many people they can in order to get the results." He also wanted to note that other famous whistleblowers are currently facing prison or exile, such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange. The biennial 'Whistleblower Award' is given by the Federation of German Scientists and the German section of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, and includes a prize of €3,000 Euros ($3,409). Along with Brandon Bryant, French molecular biologist Gilles-Eric Seralini is being awarded too for his research on the Monsanto herbicide Round-up.


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