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Italy: 50 people trapped overnight in cable cars at 3,000m over French Alps

13 09.09.2016 Инфо

Around 50 people remain trapped overnight in the French Alps hanging in cable cars at altitudes of over 3,000 metres (9843 feet) after a problem with crossed cables brought the cable car system to a standstill over Mont Blanc, Thursday.
Footage from Monte Bianco on the Italian side of the border, shows passengers leaving after 60 people were rescued by helicopter before nightfall halted the rescue operation.
According to the Mont-Blanc Company, which runs the Vallee Blanche cable cars, the problem was cables crossing for unknown reasons, and was unable to be repaired. A spokesperson for the company said that they had distributed food, water, blankets and some means of communication to the passengers stuck at high altitude.
The Vallee Blanche cable cars connect the French Aiguille du Midi with the Pointe Helbronner, which sits on the Italian border.