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In the spring of 2010 Kalief Browder was arrested in the Bronx for allegedly stealing a backpack.
Browder maintained that he and his friend had not committed any crime.
Though his friend was eventually released on bail, Browder's family couldn't afford to pay for his release.
This left him to languish in the New York prison system for three years.
Despite lawyers insisting he agree to a plea deal, Browder adamantly awaited a trail.
While incarcerated, Browder suffered abuse from guards, inmates, and stretches of time spent in solitary confinement.
While in solitary, he tried to end his life more than once.
Browder's lawyer, Paul V. Prestia, told the New Yorker that the time spent in jail and the abuses he suffered amounted to torture.
Now, two years after his release, Kalief Browder has taken his own life.
Browder was 22-years-old.


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