Croatia: Over 5,000 refugees arrive at temporary camp in Opatovac

Over 5,000 refugees poured into a camp near the village of Opatovac, after being moved by authorities overnight from a camp in Tovarnik, Tuesday. The large number of refugees hosted there has led to some tension among locals, due to the lack of space and proper facilities, given that the camp was not built to accept so many people. Queues emerged among the newcomers who waited to be registered and admitted in the camp. Police were deployed at the site, including anti-riot units, in order to maintain order at the entrance. Some of the refugees had to spend the night in the road outside the camp. Croatian police say more than 27,000 migrants have entered the country in the past few days after Budapest closed its border with Serbia. With more refugees and migrants expected to enter the country, Croatian authorities are setting up tents for migrants as weather conditions have deteriorated significantly.