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Senior political leader of Hamas and disputed Prime Minister of Palestine Ismail Haniyeh commented on the recent week of unrest in the West Bank and Jerusalem, stating that "the new intifada, the intifada of Jerusalem" has arrived, adding that "this generation set off and took the lead" during a speech in Gaza, Friday. Speaking at a mosque in Gaza City, Haniyeh said that "indeed our Intifada, which began in the year 1987, continued wave after wave and Intifada after Intifada and revolution after revolution and a mounting uprising with one single demand: the liberation of Jerusalem, the freeing of prisoners, and the liberation of the land of Palestine from the usurping occupiers," adding that "the West Bank and Jerusalem today turned in a consuming fire in the face of this occupier." Haniyeh stated that "the voice of Gaza loudly proclaims that Gaza stands with Jerusalem, and stands with the fight to liberate Al-Aqsa, and stands with the Intifada," adding that "this battle is the battle of the people of Palestine, a battle of the entire geography of Palestine and the entire history of Palestine." According to the Red Cross medical agency at least 900 Palestinians have been injured throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem in seven consecutive days of protests and clashes with Israeli security forces, while 6 Palestinians have been shot dead and scores injured during protests on the Gaza-Israel border on Friday.


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