U.S. Pay Gap Also Problematic in C-Suite

America's wealth gap debate is even reaching the corner office: The pay of chief executive officers is rising faster than pay for other executives, at a pace that is worrying ratings agencies, consultants and even America's largest labor group. Data compiled by executive compensation consultant Farient Advisors shows that in 2014 pay for CEOs of S&P 500 companies was about 3.12 times that of the other executives in their companies whose compensation must be disclosed in proxy statements. That's up from 2.88 times in 2009, as CEOs got large stock awards and other performance-based pay. Eric Hoffmann, vice president of Farient said The gap in C-suite pay has widened because corporate boards have been giving CEOs a larger percentage of their pay in the form of stock awards since the financial crisis to align their performance with shareholder interests, and those awards have surged to keep up with peers, .