Apple's New Safari Will Let You Block Ads, Which Makes Some People Happy and Some People Very Scared

The Internet works best for most people when it's frictionless: skipping from site to site like a stone flipping easily on water, with no pop-ups, no ads, no videos that play automatically. Aaaah, pure, easy scrolling and clicking.
Here's some bad news: that's not the Internet we'll ever have.
The Internet has to be paid for — with subscriptions, paywalls and many, many different types of advertising. This push-and-pull is coming to a head now that the biggest company in America is picking sides.
Apple, the biggest company in America, is taking sides against the companies that want you to click on their ads, watch their videos and subscribe to their newsletters. Apple revealed next version of the company's mobile Safari browser will support third-party adblocking extensions and grant them a "fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content," according to the excerpt, unearthed by Nieman Lab.