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Italian: ‘No TAV’ protesters scuffle with police outside Turin court

6 03.11.2016 Инфо

Police and 'No TAV' activists scuffled outside Turin's Court of Justice, Thursday, as protesters attempted to enter the building.
The, activists led by Nicoletta Dosio who defied her house arrest to be at the event, wanted to enter the premises to protest a court hearing of 53 fellow protesters who were arrested and charged over 2011 demonstrations that turned violent.
Outside the court, Dosio proclaimed "Im not here to give myself up or trust your justice." 70-year-old Dosio was stopped by the police from trying to attend the hearing. It is expected that the hearings will come to a conclusion in the next few days.
No TAV is an Italian movement against the construction of the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway. The name comes from the Italian acronym for Treno Alta Velocita (high speed train). The movement questions the usefulness, cost, and safety of the project and its actualisation, believed to be driven by construction lobbies.